Hudson Pacific Properties

Welcoming. Responsive. Innovative. Empowered.

Our team embodies these four words in all our tenant interactions, no matter what the setting or circumstance.

We understand your office is more than a workspace. It’s a tool for growth. It should inspire exceptional talent to join your team and make them excited to come to work everyday. It should provide the state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent services necessary to execute your business strategy. It should reinforce your company culture. And when you’re ready, it should afford you the flexibility to expand, whether to another floor, building or even market.

From Seattle’s Pioneer Square to downtown San Francisco to Hollywood, California—we own, operate, reposition and build the highest-quality office properties in the best West Coast markets. We are a leading provider of design-forward, next-generation workspaces for Fortune 500 and industry leading growth companies, many in the technology, media & entertainment sectors. We prioritize tenant satisfaction and retention, in part by providing highly customized build-outs and working proactively to accommodate our tenants’ growth.